List of best HGH products

Top eleven list of HGH products

Todays best Human Growth Hormones

Which are the best HGH products on the market today? Cant decide which human growth hormone to buy? Here we count down the best 11 HGH products.

We looked at several factors when compiling out list. Price: of course HGH can be very expensive so we looked at which ones gave the best value for money. Brand reputation: you don’t want to be injecting low grade HGH or some other junk so we looked which brands have the best reputation for quality and consistency.

Authenticity: Some brands are known to be faked more than others. Therefore we looked at which HGH products can more easily be authenticated as genuine. Results: not forgetting about the results you will expect to achieve with each type of HGH, after all this is what its all about. Deciding which human growth hormone to buy can be very confusing especially for the beginner.

So, we hope this list can take some of the legwork out of deciding which HGH is the right one for you.

List of best HGH products

1 GENOTROPIN from Pfizer

Pfizer Genotropin Go Quick pen

For a long time it was only possible to get this product if you paid top dollar for it and had a prescription. But now, there are a lot Genotropin Go-Quick pens to be had thanks to Pfizers overseas sales strategies. Genotropin is made in other countries and sold there for far less than you would pay in Western Europe or the United States.

There are plenty of affordable Genotropin pens out there if you don’t mind the packaging printed in another language.Genotropin comes in a number of different pens however the Go-Quick pen is the most popular amongst all users.

It is pure refined growth hormone which is both potent and very clean. Of course this is something you would expect for a huge multi national pharmaceutical company such as Pfizer.

So what makes Genotropin better than HGH from other companies such as Merck Serono and Lilly? Well just two things: availability and price.

Turkish and Eastern European Genotropin is much cheaper and more widely available than that in the west. This product is still made by Pfizer its just priced for the local market. Its exactly the same as the product you would pay 5 times the price for back home.

2 HUMATROPE by Lilly


Known for improving a sluggish metabolism and producing outstanding muscle gains. It especially good at burning off excess fat in the midriff area and is a favourite with women for its ease of use. Women like it for its ability to rejuvenate skin and collagen.

Of course this doesn’t mean its not good for body builders which it most definitely is. Humatrope is used at 2iu per day for slowing the ageing process or 4iu per day for body builders. It really is an excellent HGH. The only reason we havent put it top is that you need a separate mixing device to use it, then use the pen to inject it.

A lot of people buy humatrope with the mixing device (pictured above) included thinking that they have the pen as they look quite similar. They then have to go out and find a pen before they can actually use this product. Never the less an excellent HGH.The penultimate HGH in our list has to be Humatrope. Known for producing outstanding muscle gains and increasing a sluggish metabolism humatrope gets rave reviews every time.

Its particularly good at burning off fat especially around the midriff and its a favourite amongst women for its ease of use. Women particularly like the way it rejuvenates skin by producing more collagen and improving hair and nails.

3 BIOTROPIN by Life Tech labs

biotropin hgh for sale

OK what are you doing placing a relatively unknown HGH producer at number three above such makers as Novo Nordisk? Well we had to put it here as its such a good product at an excellent price. Its made by Life-Tech labs and is made in Hong Kong.

Although its been around since 2006 its actually a relative newcomer to the scene as its only begun to get noticed. It comes in 3 sized packages, 60iu, 100iu and 120iu. You have to buy your own water and syringes but thats a small inconvenience. The quality of the HGH is excellent and we have no qualms in recommending it here.

4 NORDITROPIN Novo Nordisk


NORDITROPIN This particular HGH product comes in a number of different pens such as: Simplexx, Flexpro and Nordilet. They do however contain the same product namely good old HGH. Norditropin is made by Novo Nordisk which again is a huge multi national pharmaceutical company. The product contains minimal impurities because of the excellent downstream processing. The pen is meant for medical reasons such as stunted growth in children but body builders and anti-agers love them because of the quality and convenience.

But because its made by a major pharmaceutical company it can cost. However for the peace of mind that comes with this product as well as the convenience we think that its worth it. There is just one small thing to note here. A copy cat company has been marketing a product called nordiCtropin. This product has nothing to do with Novo Nordisk.

5 JINTROPIN by Gensci


Jintropin is probably the brand most people think of when HGH is brought into the conversation. Produced by Gensci (Jinsai) this particular HGH actually stopped production a few years back only for the fakers to start producing counterfeits and so somewhat marred the good reputation it had built up. Its now however back in business.

Jintropin is unrivalled amongst the freeze dried growth hormone powders in its ability to promote quality muscle growth. Its a very refined product produced in a state of the art facility so there are hardly ever any problems with rejection. Will also strengthen bones, improve skin and the metabolism. Also known for burning fat around the midriff. An all round excellent HGH powder.

6 ANSOMONE Anhui Anke Biotechnology Group


A firm favourite amongst the guys in the office here tonicity Ansomone comes in at number 5. Made by Anhui Anke Biotechnology Group. This is a legitimate and reputable Chinese company producing HGH as well as other peptide products and pharmaceuticals. Its a high quality product used in Chinese hospitals and licensed by the regulatory authorities.

The great thing about this is that its quite easy to confirm your Ansomone as legit (or not) on the Anhui Anke website Because of this the fakers tend to leave it alone and go after other easier targets. Its also readily available on the black market which is great for us guys. Ansomone is known for its ability to promote strong muscle development with minimal side effects. Its also great for anti-ageing which means its very popular with women.

7 KIGTROPIN Unknown Maker

buy kigtropin

Kigtropin has always had a little bit of mystique surrounding it because no-one quite knows who makes it. What is known is that it originates in China and the quality is generally very good. A lot of people mistake it for Hygetropin, and it is very similar in appearance and character.

Kigtropin could actually be made by Hygene Biopharma the makers of Hygetropin but they have chosen not to reveal themselves as the manufacturers to escape government regulation. Its very good in terms of its availability which is very important. After all whats the point of the best HGH in the world (we will come to that later) if you can’t get hold of the damn stuff.

Kigtropin has established a reputation for itself in a relatively short time and we can see why. A firm favourite amongst UK body builders its known to pack on muscle in quite a short time.

8 HYGETROPIN by Hygene Biopharma


This product was made when one of the guys who used to work for Gensci making Jintropin left and decided to start his own company. They called themselves Hygene Biopharma and started making hygetropin. The product that they came up with is pretty good.

Although there have been some complaints that the product may not be as clean as it could be. This is probably because it takes a multi million dollar investment to start up a HGH lab and they have cut back in certain areas. However it mostly gets good feedback and they results have been widely reported as very good. So Hygetropin comes in at number 8 on our list.

9 GLOTROPIN by Global Anabolic

buy glotropin

Glotropin is often overlooked because it doesn’t have the brand pedigree of some of the other HGH powders. It is however very good value for money and the quality has always been top drawer. Its brought to the market by Global Anabolic however they don’t actually manufacture it.

Its made in China by an unknown lab. Well it doesn’t really matter who makes it as the purity and consistent quality that has put it in this top ten list. What we can say though is that it doesn’t come from any underground lab as it sold in the pharmacies of Thailand as well as used in some of the clinics there. Its always comes back with great results from any serum tests to prove its the genuine article.



This has been around since 2008 and seems to have a fairly good fanbase. Its known to be effective and to produce good quality muscle growth as you would expect. It does however tend to be easy for the fakers to reproduce the vials and packaging on this particular HGH. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that Riptropin vials look very similar to the generic HGH that we reviewed at number 11.

This is because its been known for fakers to re-label generic HGH as Riptropin. There has also been some issues with purity. But, this could be because the buyer has purchased fakes and not the genuine product. So if you can buy the genuine Riptropin you will get a good deal as it tends to be competitively priced ie cheap. Riptropin, a good product but does suffer from being counterfeited.

11 GENERIC HGH by Unknown Chinese Lab

Generic HGH

Generic HGH can seem like a good bargain. And indeed it can be if you trust the supplier.The problem with generic HGH is that you can’t be sure whose made it. This means there is not much in the way of consistency. So you can save considerable amounts of money but there is no guarantee of reliability.There is some good and some junk Generic HGH out there on the market.

Even if you do get a supplier who supplies you with a good product you cannot be sure you will always get that exact same quality and consistency. Another point to bare in mind is that generic HGH is never faked. In fact some unscrupulous dealers will often re-label generic HGH as another more expensive brand.

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