Best bodybuilding HGH 2021: Muscle forming HGH for both men and women

Best bodybuilding HGH 2018: Muscle forming HGH for both men and women

In the gym or at home – our pick of the best muscle boosting HGH products on the market for men and women will blast away the competition

If your a natural bodybuilder and you are looking to take things to the next level then you will probably be looking at using some form of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Its now more available than it was just a few years ago but which is the best for bodybuilding and packing on that quality muscle?

Investing in a good quality HGH is a great investment for general health as well as explosive muscle growth. HGH doesn’t come cheap (although the price is falling) but you will feel the benefits of a good muscle building HGH for years to come.

Here you will find our 6 favourite HGH products for use in bodybuilding. The selection here come at a range of prices to suit any budget, but although we’ve also got a great cheaper option on our list, we’d recommend paying around the $300 mark if you can afford to – your body may well end up thanking you for it.

Biotropin Editors Choice

How to choose the best bodybuilding HGH for you

First up, you’ll need to choose between HGH powders or the more expensive pens. HGH powders are cheaper and only require the slight inconvenience of mixing it yourself and using a syringe. A lot of people can be put off by this but after you have done it once you will be mixing it like a Pro. The savings you make doing it this way are quite substantial. 

HGH powders are cheaper and so more often used by bodybuilders

The cheaper HGH powders are more suited to bodybuilding as this tends to use a higher dose than those using it for anti-ageing purposes.

A good powdered HGH is equal in quality to any of the pens  just cheaper. They can be manufactured by western companies such as Serostim which is made by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Or you can use the better priced Chinese powders like Jintropin or Ansomone.

The only downside of buying the cheaper Chinese HGH powders is that they are often copied by fakers. Some of them may be real HGH just placed in a faked box, some maybe HCG powder which looks very much the same. Some unscrupulous characters have even been known to fill the vial with bicarbonate of soda.

How to inject HGH specifically for bodybuilding

Believe it or not the injecting regime for bodybuilding is different to that when using growth hormone as an anti-ageing agent. First of all body builder need to take more HGH than other users so its 4iu per day and upwards.

HGH pens use a fresh needle tip for each injection
You can save money by mixing your own HGH and injecting with a syringe

HGH for bodybuilding is split between 2 doses in a day. For example, 2iu in the morning and 2iu around 5pm. Its important not to take it just before you go to bed or this can interfere with your bodies own production of HGH which happens primarily at night. 

A few years back people used to inject for 5 days then take two days off. This was because it was so expensive back then it was a way of making it stretch out a little bit. You don’t have to do it nowadays with the price coming down to what it is now.

Is the more expensive HGH stronger than the cheaper ones?

Well theoretically it should be the same quality whatever price you pay but in reality it isn’t so. After all when you go to the supermarket and buy a pound of salt for $2 you wouldn’t expect it to be saltier than one half the price.

The fact is the more expensive HGH products are more highly refined and free of contaminants than the cheaper ones. There is though some very excellent cheaper HGH powders that are ideal for bodybuilders as we shall see in our list.

Top 6 HGH products for muscle

1. Biotropin Lifetech Labs

The best newcomer HGH

About 6 months ago this HGH offering from LifeTech labs would have only made it to about number 3 or 4 on the list.

However Biotropin is a name that came up repeatedly when I spoke with bodybuilding experts; the human growth hormone manufacturer has a reputation for making some of the best powders in the business.

Phil Heath,  product champion at Mr Olympia said  “it’s incredibly popular and full of unexpected health benefits in regards to performance”.



  • High purity
  • Low manufacturing residues
  • Long shelf life
  • Not often copied by fakers as they tend to focus on the more well known brands
  • Cumbersome packaging can damage the vials when removing them from the tray

2. Jintropin from Gensci

A firm favorite

Although Jintropin is made by Gensci the distributor is Europharm. Gensci make the product and Europharm will package and distribute it to several different countries. This is why you see Jintropin with Russian printing for example.

Its an excellent HGH for body builders and my guess is that most people reading this will already heard of it if not already used it.

Its a powdered HGH and comes on 100iu and 200iu boxes. The 200iu boxes also contain water and syringes.

Is prone to fakers but they tend to use the non-Europharm design so they are usually easy to spot.



  • Excellent product mostly used by body builders but can also be used for any other medical purpose such as increasing height
  • Can be verified as genuine or not
  • High purity for a powder
  • Susceptible to fakers but you can verify your box here 

3. Serostim by Merck Serono

Premier Quality

Serostim is made by Merck and is another premier European HGH. Although its great quality it only comes in at 3rd here because of the high price. The purity is excellent as you would expect but hardly any purer than Biotropin or Jintropin so this doesn’t justify the price.

Serostim is mostly used for medical reasons at hospitals and clinics. These include treatment for growth hormone deficiency as well as boosting growth in children. It is also used to treat burns victims as it encourages the growth of skin.

Inevitably Serostim finds its way onto the black market where it used used by both bodybuilders and those looking for the elixir of youth.

Serostim usually comes as 126iu Kits

Serostim is unusual in that it comes in boxes containing 7 vials of HGH containing 18iu each, so each kits contains 126iu



  • Excellent purity (as pure as it gets)
  • Not so often faked
  • Highly sought after due to its reputation
  • Can be difficult to get because Merck sells only to reputable outlets
  • Can be a bit expensive

4. Ansomone from Anhui Anke

Quality Chinese HGH

Ansomone comes from Anhui Anke Biotechnology, also named Ankebio. Its a Chinese company and it also lets you verify your product on the website

Its fully regulated by the Chinese Authorities and comes with various security features which makes it difficult for counterfeiters to fake this product.

Ansomone is made using up-to-date Recombinant DNA technology. Its a quality product. Big western pharma has been very successful with its PR claiming that Chinese HGH is an inferior product. This isn’t so. Some western companies even get their HGH manufactured in China then repackage it for the western market.



  • Licenced and regulated by Chinese authorities
  • Availability is usually good
  • Well respected in the body building community
  • Some of the glass ampoules of water that come included are often broken, could maybe do with more robust packaging

5. Hygetropin

A good all rounder

Coming in at number 5 we have Hygetropin. This product looks and sounds very similar to an inferior product named Kigtropin.

Hygetropin is often faked but this can easily be avoided by checking your serial numbers here.

Whilst the purity may not be as good as other HGH powders 95-97% it’s certainly no slouch and that percentage purity still qualifies it as a top notch HGH for producing quality muscle.

Comes with water included. You just need to find your own insulin syringes, mix your HGH and inject, a decent all rounder. There are probably better choices out there but if this is the only option we recommend you take it.



  • A good all rounder, can be used either for body building or anti-ageing
  • Price, usually a bit cheaper compared to similar HGH powders
  • Can be authenticated at the manufacturers website


  • Purity may not be as good as other powders but it’s still perfectly acceptable

6. Genotropin Go-Quick

Would be at number 1 if it were cheaper

Genotropin is one of our favorite HGH brands. The only reason we haven’t put it at number one is the cost.

When HGH is used for bodybuilding or adding muscle mass relatively high doses of HG are needed. If you can afford the price of Genotropin then we highly recommend that you use it.

Its easy to use, very convenient and contains very pure HGH. All you have to do is prime the pen and add a fresh needle tip everytime you want to inject.

However the price for this superb HGH is coming down all the time so maybe it will move up our list at a later date.



  • Convenient and practical to use
  • High purity
  • Great for bodybuilding and anti-ageing
  • Precise dosage is easy to control
  • Just price, everything else is perfect

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