Buy HGH products in Canada

We can ship a lot of our HGH products domestically from Canada

HGH injections for sale Canada

Canada isn’t the largest market for HGH products and so is often overlooked when vendors are trying to sell their wares. They often concentrate on larger markets such as the USA and Europe.

Luckily for us here at Iron Man HGH we have a reshipper in Canada who will ship HGH products in Canada and so no problems at Canadian customs.

The laws in Canada regarding HGH are the same as several other countries. Its illegal to import them for your own or anybody else’s use unless you have a prescription. We do not ask for a prescription. And since the only way people ever got caught in the past was that it was stopped at Canadian customs.

As long as you were only importing personal amounts of HGH and you got caught it’s usually just a slap on the wrist, but you would lose your HGH order as it would be confiscated.

The other  problem with ordering HGH into Canada from abroad is that it can take several weeks to arrive and it could have been sitting around in warm warehouses were the product has been degraded by heat.


Although we deal mostly with HGH we also sell a small number of steroids. Steroids are illegal to buy or sell in Canada but its legal to possess them. Again we can ship these items domestically in Canada doing away with the risk of having these items pass through customs.

Because we can ship these items domestically in Canada it also means you are only waiting 2-3 days for your order to arrive.


All our products are priced in USD and not Canadian dollars so please be aware of this when ordering. You can easily convert the prices here

Benefits of buying HGH or Steroids in Canada

  • Does not have to pass Canadian Customs
  • Short shipping times so no HGH degradation
  • You can return any unopened items you are unhappy with
  • Full tracking
  • Guaranteed delivery or refund

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