Top 10 Factual Health Benefits of HGH in Women

HGH is one of the most powerful and effective hormones available for women. Many find the miraculous claims of HGH use too good to be true. But now the evidence has proved the doubters wrong. HGH really can work miracles.

Women particularly benefit from HGH use as it does not have the side effects of traditional anabolic steroids. And its not just muscle, HGH can roll back the years and improve health and quality of life considerably.

1. Women can use HGH to safely build muscle in the gym

HGH causes the growth of lean muscle mass in both men and women. But whereas men could always use anabolic steroids to boost results in the gym this wasn’t always possible for women. This is because anabolic steroids will produce masculine side effects. But women can use HGH to build muscle and still keep their feminine side. The great thing about HGH is that it builds longer lasting and better quality muscle in women than steroids could ever do.

A lot of women say they do not want to build muscle but you will have to agree the lady in the above photo looks great!

2. Improving the skin

One of the most notable signs of ageing in women is the appearance of the skin. Ageing skin is caused by a lack of collagen and other environmental factors such as UV damage and smoking. Older skin will also find it difficult to retain moisture. HGH will increase the synthesis of collagen in the skin making it more elastic. It will also increase the production of skin cells.

Another way HGH the skin makes look healthier is by plumping it out because of increased water retention. HGH is so good for the skin it is used in hospitals to treat burns victims.

3. Fat loss

One of the major benefits of HGH is the way it removes stubborn fat. Its known to remove fat from women’s waist and mens stomachs. This was one of the findings of the original HGH study by Genetech in 1979.

Whilst HGH increases muscle mass and this in turn will burn fat, its not really understood why it removes fat in certain areas of women’s and mens bodies. It’s thought that HGH causes fat loss in women by increasing the metabolism. Anyway who cares how it works as long as it does!

4. Improving the cholesterol profile

HGH is known to increase the good HDL cholesterol in your blood, which is linked to reduced heart disease risk. Women do not suffer the effects of cholesterol to the same extent as men but its known that high HGH levels reduce it even further.

5. HGH prevents and reverses osteoporosis in women

Human growth hormone is known to increase bone mass in both men and women. Studies have shown that on average it can increase bone density by approximately 3% over a 2 year period. And the effects were still present a year after treatment was stopped. Because women tend to suffer more from osteoporosis and osteopenia HGH supplements can be a powerful tool. Its particularly beneficial after the menopause.

6. Faster growing and healthier hair and nails

HGH will make hair and nails grow faster with greater vitality

Both hair and nails are made of a protein called keratin. HGH will increase keratin production. When we are in the full bloom of youth both of these grow faster, healthier and thicker. They have more body and lustre and are stronger. As women age they often have to choose older hairstyles because of the reduction in the vitality of hair. HGH will increase hair and nail growth to something like someone in their twenties.

7. HGH as a treatment for the Menopause

HGH can be used to counter the symptoms of the menopause such as, increased body fat, mood changes and decreased bone density or osteoporosis. When women opt for hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for the menopause they would often be prescribed estrogen and progesterone. However now more and more women are being prescribed growth hormone as well because of the many health benefits it has.

8. Boosts a flagging metabolism

You often hear the term “middle age spread” and its pretty self explanatory what it refers too. Its thought to be caused by a slowing metabolism which is a consequence of lower HGH levels as we get older. HGH will reinvigorate the metabolism which in turn will increase energy levels and therefore burn fat.

9. Improves mental well being

High levels of HGH are thought to improve mental function in women as well as men. Its known that low levels of HGH that occurs with advancing age leave the brain more susceptible to developing Alzheimers disease. Those women with higher levels of HGH were found to be less likely to develop any of the degenerative diseases of the brain that develop as we get older.

HGH also improves mood generally and especially during he menopause.

10. Fight the symptoms of ageing

These days its not an inevitable part of the ageing process that we should transform into decrepit withered shadows of our former selves. With our scientific knowledge and with readily available hormones such as HGH we can look and feel great well into our old age.

This is probably the main reason that women choose to use HGH as a health supplement. It wasn’t available to previous generations so women should take advantage of it. Women taking HGH will benefit from, increased bone and muscle mass, fat loss, better skin, increased libido, better hair and and nails and a faster metabolism.

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