HGH can be damaged in transit by heat if not packaged correctly

HGH must be kept at the correct temperature during shipping

A lot of people who buy HGH online and then receive it often claim they were sold bunk gear when they do not get the results they expected. This isn’t necessarily true as HGH is very susceptible to high temperatures and this is what causes the HGH to be ineffective.

You spend a lot of money on a growth hormone order only to find it has become useless because of heat degradation

When ordering HGH always check with the supplier as to how it will be shipped. Even if kept at high temperatures for only 24 hours the product can be rendered useless.

Stuff coming from China often arrives totally destroyed

If you are ordering HGH from China it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. During this time it may have gone through several countries. Dubai is a major hub for these types of products coming from China and it is stiflingly hot. Often your HGH will be left on the tarmac prior to loading in temperatures in excess of 30C. If this happens your HGH will be totally destroyed.

HGH is very sensitive to heat

Human growth hormone is a chain of amino acids folded up on itself to make a 3D structure. Heat damages this structure by breaking the bonds which hold the three dimensional structure together. It is said to become denatured. This means it is now totally useless for the purpose for which it was intended.

Heat can break the fragile 3D structure of HGH whilst it is being shipped

HGH is a protein chain which folds up to make a precise shape. If the molecule is degraded by heat (denatured) the bonds holding the 3D structure are broken and the HGH molecule becomes useless.

At Iron man HGH we keep our orders at the correct temperature during shipping by using cold gel packs and fast delivery

We use frozen gel packs and insulated packing when sending our growth hormone products. Polystyrene insulates your order and frozen gel packs keep it at the correct temperature. This, combined with the fact that our products arrive in just 2-3 to days to most countries, ensures the integrity of the HGH. Our method, often known as the cold chain or cool chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. This means your HGH order will never be destroyed due to heat.

We use polystyrene packaging and frozen gel packs to keep your HGH cool

Never freeze your HGH

Its also important to note that you should never freeze your growth hormone. Freezing HGH will destroy it often more quickly than heat.

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