What are the benefits of buying HGH

People buy HGH for a Variety of reasons

HGH has had some remarkable claims made about it but just what can you expect when taking HGH?

Can it really put on some decent muscle?

Yes. HGH is a master hormone which in turn releases another hormone in the body called IGF-1. This stands for Insulin Like Growth Hormone. Its the IGF-1 which causes all the muscle growth. You can actually buy IGF-1 and use that to create muscle, if muscle is all you are after.

But most people buy HGH as there are a myriad of other benefits that HGH provides the IGF-1 taken alone will not provide. The benefits of HGH are greater than taking IGF-1 as the sole hormone.

How much muscle you will put on using HGH varies from person to person but using HGH for the first time you can reasonably expect to put on 30 pounds of muscle in 2 months. HGH creates muscle in a slightly different way than traditional anabolic steroids. HGH will increase the number of muscle cells in the body as well as increasing muscle proteins in those individual cells.

Anabolic steroids only increase the size of the muscle cell, they do not create more cells unlike HGH. On a separate note you should be aware that you cannot buy HGH patches or sprays. The technology does not yet exist. Any adverts you see for such products will mean fake HGH.

Is the muscle permanent. This is a question thats frequently asked.  You will be glad to hear you will keep most of your muscle even when you stop taking HGH. This is providing you maintain it with some gym work and good food etc. Its no coincidence that hospitals provide HGH to patients who have suffered from wasting diseases.

So you can imagine the leg up you get from it if you are a healthy individual. HGH will also cause regeneration in tendons as well as muscle. This is useful when treating injuries and increasing the tensile strength of the tendon to cope with the more powerful muscle.

What are other benefits of HGH?

Anti-ageing is also what HGH is often used for. From our birth we gradually lose HGH as we get older. In old age we may only have 20-30% of what we started out with. Now that synthetic HGH is available we are able to remedy this for the first time. Its something that would have been unthinkable even 100 years ago.

HGH is known to regenerate skin cells and collagen. Hospitals will treat burns victims with HGH to regenerate skin. So a lot of anti-agers take HGH to treat thinning skin and reduce wrinkles. HGH reduces wrinkles by increasing  collagen and also by hydrating the skin to plump it out. Other properties that anti-agers like is the way HGH can shift that middle age spread. Its especially good, for some unknown reason at removing stomach fat in older men.

It’s also known that gaining fat in middle age may be down to a slowing metabolism. HGH is known to increase metabolic turnover and efficiency so this maybe the reason its able to help with losing fat. Its also known to increase nail and hair growth and to improve your general overall look to a more healthy one.

A lagging libido can also come with advancing years so its comforting to know that HGH can do something about this.  Its known to increase blood flow as well so it helps with erections. But generally HGH will make you feel sexier and have more of an interest in all things carnal. You will have the same levels of HGH in your blood as when you were a teenager and the same thoughts on your mind.

One of the guys who comments here sometimes says he couldn’t put his wife down, it was like when they had first met. So the benefits of HGH use can be pleasurable as well as healthy. There is no reason why you can’t have a great quality of life into those later years now technology allows us to do so.

Buy HGH for proven health benefits

Its also known through various studies to improve the ratios of good and bad cholesterol in test subjects. This showed that LDL (bad cholesterol) was decreased significantly over a 2 year period. visceral adiposity was also decreased which reduces that ugly fat just beneath the skin.

It was also shown to lower the blood pressure of people who suffer with this problem. It increased bone formation in osteoporosis patients which is good news for women. It also helps soften the impact of the menopause.

Heal wounds faster.  As mentioned before HGH is often used in hospitals to treat injuries or after major surgery. So it should come as no surprise to find out that HGH can increase recovery times from injury. When we talk about recovery times we are also talking about recovery times after training.

When you go to the gym you are essentially tearing your muscle and in the healing process it gets bigger. But you do need to rest sufficiently. HGH decreases the time you need to recover so you can get into the gym more often.

Reduces stress. Chronic stress is one of the most insidious dangerous afflictions a person can suffer from. It decreases mood levels and makes people forgetful. Increases cholesterol and blood pressure and is bad for heart health. It can also have a negative effect on your immune system as well as causing weight gain. HGH had been scientifically proven to level out spikes in Cortisol the hormone which causes stress.

Improves the Immune response. A healthy immune system is essential for your well being. One of the main benefits of HGH is to strengthen the immune response. It not only increases the strength of the response but it also increases the speed. Meaning we are better able to fight those infections before they take hold.

So you can see that people buy HGH for usually just one reason. However they reap of other benefits too as a kind of bonus.

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Buy HGH powders or pens, whats the best?

It depends how much you want to spend. HGH pens such as the genotropin pen above are very easy to use and are very rarely a target for the fakers because they are so difficult to make.

They do however cost more than HGH powders. HGH pens usually cost in the region of $6-8 per iu while a good powder will cost $2-4 per iu. So you can see that the powders can be very attractive if you are thinking of running HGH for a long time.

One of the good points about buying HGH pens over powders is that they are always made by premier blue chip companies such as Pfizer or Lilly. This means you know you are getting the best possible HGH available.

Some of the cheaper powders may also not be as pure as you may think. And considering you are going to inject this stuff into your body you may think that the HGH pens are not so expensive after all.

For both products you will need to buy needles to inject your HGH. A lot of customers don’t realise that you actually will still need to buy needle tips even if you are buying an HGH pen. Luckily we supply a box of 50 needle tips included in the price when you buy one of our pens.

For the HGH powders the most popular needle is an insulin syringe. These generally have the finest needles. Ince you have activated the HGH pen you can leave it in he fridge and just inject when you need it.

Likewise for the HGH powders. You do not have to keep drawing liquid out of the reconstituted HGH vial. You can just leave the fully loaded syringe in the fridge and use it whenever you want to.

Editors Note

It used to be that HGH powders were the best value for money hands down. However the HGH pens have come down a lot in price recently and are becoming more popular. It just shows that the big pharmaceutical companies have been ripping us off for years.

This is because we can find the exact same HGH pens such as Genotropin made much more cheaply for other markets (such as Turkey) we know they are exactly the same because its the same packaging but with just a sticker over the box giving out information in the language of the country where it is sold. So you can buy HGH pens now much more economically.

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