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SB Labs Anavar also known as Oxan

Anavar for Sale

Anavar, sometimes known as “Var” contains the active ingredients oxandrolone. It’s a very popular steroid with many types of athlete or body builder. In fact it’s a popular steroid in sport. The reason SB Labs variety is so popular is that it gives great strength without the usual bloated appearance. Which some steroids give.

Anavar will not convert to oestrogen  so there will be no water retention. Its for this reason that bodybuilders like to buy anavar when coming up to a competition.  It will show off their muscle definition to full effect without the bloated water layer covering it.

Women can take anavar safely

Another great benefit of SB Labs anavar over other steroids is that women can take it safely. It is not androgenic meaning it will not produce the masculinising effects seen with other harsher steroids. We have anavar for sale to women. Its safe for women to buy anavar.

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Buy anavar to burn off fat

The above statement can be a little misleading. Var won’t burn off the fat the same way as clenbuterol will. It will however help strip fat by enabling the faster burn of calories because of the strengthening effect. You need some fuel to power those muscles right?  This steroid will burn calories just when you are resting as larger muscles will use more fuel even when not working.

Anavar  has come down in price recently.

Ove the last few years Var has come down significantly in price without any decrease in quality. Its for this reason Var has become so popular. Everyone seems to want it.

The Use of PCT is recommended with this product

Its recommended that men should  use a post cycle therapy after doing a cycle of var , this will bring natural testosterone levels back up to peak as soon as possible so keeping to a minimum any losses. Women don’t need to take this PCT because obviously they don’t produce testosterone naturally anyway.

The usual dose  for anavar is upwards of 20mg per day

This is a real quality product that has come down quite significantly in price recently. Gone are the days when people just wanted to get as big as they possibly could. It’s more favourable now to get quality lean muscle gains that will last longer rather than become a mass monster!

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