HGH side effects and how to deal with them

OK lets talk about the side effects of HGH

HGH does produce side effects but no where near the extent that steroids cause them. However there is a lot of misunderstandings or just plain falsehoods surrounding this topic. Let look at what is fact and fiction and see how to deal with any side effects HGH may produce.

Nobody want side effects but at least it shows the HGH is genuine.

Water retention

Its not really important to know exactly why HGH causes a fluid build up. Its good enough to know that it can and how to deal with it if it does happen. Excess HGH can affect some of the chemical messengers in our body that deal with electrolyte balance which can cause salt to accumulate and therefore water.

You could start to notice a puffy appearance on your face and body. This is a sign that you could be getting some water retention.

How to deal with water retention caused by HGH

  1.  Drink more water. Ok this is weird. I have water retention so your telling me to drink more water? Yes if you don’t drink enough the body will hold on to what it has causing a build up. You also want to be flushing out any excess salt which can cause the water retention in the first place.
  2. Take the sort of products that make you lose water anyway, such as coffee and tea. Natural diuretics help. Don’t use ones that are too strong.
  3. Avoid alcohol. This is probably the best thing you can do. Alcohol really messes up the water balance. Even when not taking HGH drinking too much can lead to a puffy appearance and water retention. Best avoid it.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

There is some confusion as to why Carpal tunnel syndrome can effect those taking HGH. It can have a number of different causes with fluid retention being one of them. This doesn’t explain why steroid users never seem to get it although they can expect to gain more fluid as a side effect of taking steroids. There is also the suggestion that increased bone mass puts more pressure on the nerve. This is debatable as although HGH does increase bone mass it is not this extensive. A study showed that bone mass increased by only 1.6% during a s month course of HGH.

Symptoms are a tingling and numbness in the fingers.

How to deal with Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Its probably best just to ignore it. It will pass. Some websites mention using vitamins especially B6 but we have found this seems to make no difference at all. It’s best just to ride it through. Symptoms usually subside after about one month.

HGH gut

HGH gut is caused by stretching the stomach through overeating and gaining too much muscle in the mid riff.

This is a strange phenomena is not just down to taking HGH but has a lot of other causes. Likely the body builder isn’t just taking HGH but also a cocktail of other hormones. This will cause excess muscle growth around the stomach but also because of the huge amounts of food bodybuilders take this causes the stomach to distend.

For the for the occasional user of HGH this is not something to worry about. It only affects users taking high doses for extended periods of time and eating huge amounts of food that stretch the stomach.

The regular HGH user will not really need to be concerned about HGH gut. It only ever seems to affect serious body builders taking huge amount of HGH and food.

HGH and Cancer

So how the hell can HGH cause cancer, it’s not carcinogenic is it? No you are correct HGH does not cause cancer but it could accelerate it if you already have it. Cancer is at a basic level just the uncontrolled growth of cells. When we take HGH that is what we are doing, ie encouraging more cell growth. Although there is no evidence that HGH causes cancer (there have been several studies confirming this 1) it is advisable to avoid taking any HGH products if you already suffer from cancer.

Can HGH cause diabetes?

There is a tenuous link between HGH and diabetes. If there is no family history of diabetes or high blood sugar then you will probably be OK. Its thought that HGH increases fat breakdown thus converting it to blood sugar keeping levels high.

You may wish to check your blood sugar levels before you embark on a course of HGH. You can easily buy an over the counter test kit which will test a drop of blood to check blood sugar levels. It will give you the range you blood sugar should be. If there are any abnormal readings don’t take the HGH and see a doctor.

If you want to take high doses of HGH for long periods of time you can also take insulin along side it. However we don’t recommend this course of action unless you know what you are doing. You can seriously mess yourself up.

HGH side effects that are just rumours

Injecting HGH will shut down natural HGH production

When men take steroids natural testosterone production is shut off. However there is no proof or evidence that taking HGH shuts down normal HGH production. The pituitary still pumps out normal HGH same as it did before.

Hair loss in men

Unlike steroids HGH will not cause an increase in male pattern baldness. In fact HGH encourages hair growth. It will produce faster hair growth and a greater lustre in the hair. This includes both men and women.

Redness at the injection site

This is likely caused by contaminated HGH or a dirty needle. There may be also some 192 amino acid contamination. Check that the HGH you use is of good quality and from a reputable supplier

Loss of libido or lack of interest in sex

The confusion regarding this subject seems to have come from steroid use. It does happen that when a male user finishes a steroid cycle the bodies natural testosterone will be very low or even none existent. It will remain this way until the testes have begun working properly and producing natural testosterone which will cause a return of the libido

HGH does not cause loss of libido

Unlike steroids HGH will not cause loss of libido. In fact HGH has been shown to cause in increase in sexual appetite and performance especially in the male. This is one of the main benefits or selling points of HGH.

Tiredness in the morning

This is one of those side effects that people swear they suffer and others dismiss as just a myth. There is no doubt that when somebody takes steroids or HGH they will tend to work out more intensely at the gym and so this could be the cause of it.

Morning fatigue is often caused by low quality HGH

Other possible causes include the quality of the HGH used as it only seems to occur when using cheaper brands. If you do suffer from morning fatigue we suggest you change your HGH to a better quality one.

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