HGH an introduction what is it and what can I use it for?

What is HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone plays a major role in the human body. Producing muscle is not its only function. HGH plays a part in the development and maintenance of any healthy individual

What is HGH?. A good question. HGH is human growth hormone (scientific name Somatropin) produced naturally in men and women and is used to promote growth.

It is also an important hormone in the regulation of other hormones concerned with muscle growth, general development and metabolism. It is produced in the pituitary gland in the brain and when this pea sized gland gets it wrong and produces too much HGH the results can be spectacular.

But HGH is not only used by the body for growing. It is needed for a variety of reasons. It is essential for the breakdown of fats and the conversion of proteins in order to build muscle and release energy.

It is a master hormone controlling the release of other hormones, such as IGF1. Levels can even fluctuate during the day, affecting mood and mental wellbeing.

HGH starts working before we are even born

Even when you are a tiny baby in your mother’s womb HGH is causing you to grow and develop. This is not your HGH but your mothers acting on you and causing you to grow. When you are born you will be producing your own HGH. Have you noticed how quickly babies grow during their first few months? Well babies are full of the stuff.

Low levels of HGH can cause children not to reach their full height

If a child does not get enough HGH during their growth and development this can lead to some children not reaching their optimum height and staying short for their gestational age (SGA).

Luckily these days that can easily be remedied as HGH can be made synthetically in the lab. Even just thirty years ago the only way to get HGH was from human cadavers.

This was not great because it was hard to get hold of enough and they carried the threat of diseases such as CJD. In 1979 Genentech (San Francisco, California) synthesised HGH in the lab and it became widely available in a disease free and pure form.

Can HGH make adults taller?

Unfortunately not. Once the growth plates in your bones have closed around age 18 Human growth hormone will not make you any taller. This is why it’s important to get any children you may suspect suffer from low growth hormone diagnosed as soon as possible.

HGH levels decline with age

As we get older and age levels of human growth hormone (HGH) decline and are one of the reasons we age. Low HGH levels are responsible for muscle wastage, increased fat levels, thinning skin, bad eyesight sagging libido,  and a less effective immune system. It’s also blamed for a bad cholesterol profile and slower healing and recovery from injury.

Can I take HGH to improve my health?

Yes now that HGH can be synthesised in the lab its available in unlimited amounts. And the price is coming down all the time so that makes it even more affordable for the average person.

Many people take HGH to slow ageing, increase muscle, get rid of unwanted fat and a whole host of other benefits.

One of the biggest consumers of HGH are body builders. They take this drug to increase muscle mass and general health. It’s also known to be beneficial in general sport too.

How do I take HGH?

At present it must be injected the same way insulin is. It requires a small insulin syringe or one of the many HGH pens you can find on the market today. It is a subcutaneous injection and requires that you take a pinch of stomach fat and inject into that. It is quite painless.

There are no such this as HGH pills for sale as we speak. If you see HGH pills, sprays or patches for sale its just a marketing ploy.

These will often be sold as real HGH but are in fact HGH boosters which are compounds supposed to naturally increase your own bodies production of HGH. They don’t work. The only real HGH that works today is injectable HGH (scientific name Somatropin).

A typical HGH pen

Is HGH Legal?

It depends where you live. Just like cannabis in some countries or states its legal in others its completely banned. And in other countries there is somewhat of a grey area surrounding it.

If you order it from abroad it may get stopped at your countries customs border depending on the laws there. If you are thinking of using or buying HGH it would be best to check up on your countries laws first.

Will taking HGH make me younger?

The jury has been out for a while on this point. After all it’s only really been available to the general population for about the last 20 years. But now the evidence is coming in from a host of scientific studies. And the overwhelming consensus is that it can slow ageing although not stop it completely. It improves a plethora of age related conditions.

These include improved skin, more muscle mass, and greater bone mass. It improves cardiovascular function and the cholesterol levels in blood. It will bolster the immune system and shorten healing times from injury.

So how is it made synthetically in the lab?

Human growth hormone is made using recombinant DNA technology, or genetic engineering. The gene for HGH is spliced into the genome of a bacteria and tricked into producing the hormone (which is a protein). The bacterial cells are grown in a special fermenter and then processed to harvest the pure product at the end.

Over years the technique has become more refined so the process has gotten more efficient and brought the price down. Human growth hormone (somatropin) made in this way does not carry any of the health dangers of HGH harvested from cadavers.

Is there more than one type of human growth hormone?

No, if you buy human growth hormone you should get exactly that. HGH is protein made up of a chain of amino acids 191 to be precise.

When HGH was first made using recombinant dna technology it was actually easier to make a version of HGH with 192 amino acids called somatrem. This was responsible for some problems with redness at the injection site and some immune system problems.

This was because the body didn’t recognise it and the immune system would mount a response to it. However today all HGH is the pure 191 variety.

This is identical to the type produced naturally in the human body and so the body does not recognise it as alien. 191 amino acid HGH is called Somatropin and 192 amino acid HGH is called Somatrem.

There are other websites that try to trick you into buying so called HGH when its nothing of the sort. First of all  they are usually pills and so we know straight away it cant be real human growth hormone as this must be injected. Secondly if you look at the small print it will usually say something like HGH boosters.

Or legal HGH. These are sold as supplements to make the body boost production of its own somatropin. God knows whats really in them it could be anything.

How much is human growth hormone?

Well, the good news is that the price is coming down all the time. Even for the premier brands the price has dropped in the last few years. For one months worth of HGH injections for body building purposes you are looking at $300-$800 depending on the brand.

HGH pens are more expensive than powders so this is a good way of saving money buy using the powders. With the powders you have to mix it yourself with bacteriostatic water. This is quite easy to do, you can even buy this water on ebay as well as the insulin syringes needed to inject.

Can it be dangerous?

Not really, you cant overdose with human growth hormone. If you take high doses for a long time you will probably get one or several of the side effects we have spoken about in other posts. Some of these can be dangerous such as enlargement of the heart.

But this only affects users taking extremely high doses for years. Or those born with a damaged pituitary which is pumping out massive amounts of somatropin for the whole lifespan of the person.

Can women take HGH?

Regularly attending the gym and taking low levels of HGH can produce some fantastic results for women

Yes, women can take HGH without any adverse side effects. There are some certain steroids that women can take that will not cause them to suddenly start talking in a deep voice and start shaving. But there are not many.

Taking HGH is a far better proposition for women looking to build muscle or just stay younger and healthier for longer. Many women take low levels of growth hormone for long periods to stave off the effects of ageing. Of course it also helps if you are going the gym and eating well.

Women will often ask what is HGH? when they see their friends starting to look like the girl in the photo. Many women don’t want muscle they just want to lose weight but a little bit of muscle in women can look great as we can see here. She looks healthy and fit and fat free.

And because growth hormone does not cause virilization women will not have to worry about gaining any masculine traits.

Indeed HGH is much more cost effective for women because they take it at much lower doses than men. A typical male body builder will use at least 4iu per day whereas a woman would only use 1-2iu per day.

So, steroids and HGH are the same thing aren’t they?

The only things that HGH has in common with steroids is that they are both hormones, or chemical messengers. And, they will both produce muscle in the user. HGH is a protein which is made in the brain and is naturally present in men, women and children.

Steroids are all chemically altered forms of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that starts puberty and causes masculine traits in the user. So men women and children could take HGH and be fine whereas if any women or children started taking testosterone they will run into problems.

There is an example, a few years back of a guy who had problems with his 8 year old son. He was starting to develop pubic hair and it looked like he was going through puberty. The guy took him to the doctors and couldn’t find the cause of it.

Anyway cut a long story short. It seems the guy was using a testosterone cream. When his young son finished bathing he would use the same towel as his dad and some of the cream was getting on his skin. This was the problem. This could never happen with HGH. It doesn’t come in cream form anyway.

In Conclusion

HGH is a major hormone involved in many biochemical processes in the body. It doesn’t just promote growth. It helps regulate energy release and is essential in the production of other hormones in the body such as IGF1 (Insulin like growth factor).

It can now be made synthetically and this has led to it being used to improve quality of life and reach certain health goals. Body builders and sportsmen and women use it to boost performance and slow ageing.

Many people believe that HGH should be made widely available to those that want it and just just used for medical purposes. Not that we are able to make this miraculous substance in unlimited quantities there is no reason why we shouldn’t and reap the benefits that were denied to the previous generation.

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