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Nowadays many people are looking to buy HGH for a variety of reasons. Body builders are using it because it promotes a better quality of muscle growth than traditional steroids. This is because HGH does not cause side effects of the severity that some steroids do.

HGH will also bring on other benefits such as better skin, improved metabolism, removal of fat and a whole host of other benefits that we will examine in this article.

HGH powder ready to be mixed with water

Other people will buy HGH for reasons other than body building and these are mostly the anti-agers. There is now well documented evidence that HGH can slow and/or improve the ageing process. As mentioned already it improves skin tone, increases bone and lean muscle mass and gets rid of stubborn belly fat.

It will increase hair and nail growth, increase collagen production to get rid of those wrinkles and strengthen the immune system. HGH combined with a good diet and exercise, or training is a powerful method used to attain the results we have just spoken of.

The benefits of human growth hormone

Lets look at some of the benefits of taking HGH

1.Body builders buy HGH for increased muscle mass and strength.

This is what about 60% of HGH users (for none medical purposes) will use HGH for. The actual way that HGH will increase muscle mass is by stimulating the formation of another hormone called IGF1. IGF1 or (Insulin like growth factor) stimulates the synthesis of new muscle mass.

As we all know HGH levels decrease with age and thats one of the main reasons older people have less muscle mass. Sarcopenia is the name for muscle wastage in the elderly and HGH will prevent this.

There have been numerous scientific studies that have shown that giving one test group HGH and another group a placebo will increase strength and muscle mass in those taking the HGH. This is without any trips to the gym or any other ways to increase muscle.

It was purely the taking of the HGH that had the effect. This is why older body builders will often buy HGH. To give them a leg up.

2. Healing of injuries especially bone fractures, burns and sports injuries

HGH is often used in hospitals to treat burns victims as it has an important role in regenerating damaged skin and collagen. Its for the same reason it can also be used to decrease the time it takes to heal bone fractures. In a study by the University of California it was found that older people benefit from HGH when it comes to the healing of injuries and trauma. 

Injuries to tendons and ligaments are also known to respond well when treated with HGH. HGH will also increase the bone mass in a person and so can be useful in the treatment of some types of osteoporosis.

3. In the removal of fat and treating obesity

It seems that fatter people produce less HGH which makes them even fatter which in turn increases fat levels. So you can see that it can become a vicious circle. HGH is thought to be effective in the treatment of obesity in a number of ways. It increases lipolysis, the rate at which fats are broken down and secreted. It also works by increasing the amount of muscle.

Even at rest muscle will use calories and so remove fat. There is an interesting point about fat removal with HGH. It seems to do particularly well in removing stomach and midriff fat especially in the middle aged. No body yet understands why this is the case.

4. Improved cholesterol profile and cardiovascular health

It is known that people with decreased HGH levels are at greater risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease than those with normal levels. Studies have shown that people with low HGH have increased levels of fats and cholesterol in the body and this is down to impaired lipoprotein (fat) metabolism. Healthy levels of HGH are also important for maintaining a good cholesterol profile.

HGH regulates the ratio of good to bad cholesterol increasing the good cholesterol and so improving heart health. So you can see that someone may wish to buy HGH to increase levels and so reap the health benefits.

5. Increased libido in both sexes

Its known that HGH increases the sexual drive in both sexes to levels usually seen in younger people. This is probably because HGH is usually highest in teenagers and its no coincidence that this is the age group with the highest sex drive. HGH is also very good at treating erectile disfunction in men. It will not work as well as viagra does but it is thought to work by improving general health and affecting the muscles of the penis.

HGH is involved in the regulation of other hormones and increases natural testosterone production in men and therefore the sex drive. If you are looking for an immediate erectile response you should stick to viagra rather than buy HGH. HGH though is good for the long term sex drive.

6. Better sleep and mental health

HGH will make you sleep like a baby. Life giving, rejuvenating, refreshing sleep. In fact its not uncommon to wake up in exactly the same position as you went to sleep. In healthy people natural growth hormone is released in the body shortly after going to sleep. Those with lower or impaired HGH levels cannot do this and so this interrupts natural sleep.

Taking HGH will improve sleep quality and profile. It also improves mental wellbeing and cognitive function. It improves mood. Mental health issues are usually seen in those with lower levels of HGH. So in subjects with mental health or sleep problems and who are HGH deficient this could be seen as a therapy.

7. Enhances and strengthens the immune system

HGH is a booster for the immune system. It increases the amount of cells and proteins involved in fighting infection. It will increase the production of T cells, macrophages and antibodies in response to invasion from a toxic organism.

HGH is used in the treatment if AIDS to both stop muscle wastage and bolster the immune system. HGH and the immune system are intrinsically linked. This is important not only in fighting infectious diseases such as bacteria and viruses but also in stopping cancer and autoimmune diseases.

8. Buy HGH for smoother younger skin

As we age our skin becomes thinner. This is because of exposure to sun, smoking and decreased collagen levels. HGH regenerates all body tissues and skin and collagen are included in this. Burns victims will often be treated with high levels of HGH in order to encourage new skin growth.

HGH smooths out wrinkled skin by increasing hydration and causing the formation of new collagen.

It also causes new skin cells to grow in both the dermis and epidermis. For anti-agers buying HGH this is one of the primary reasons. It give sagging and ageing skin a great boost and not just for a limited period. You can take HGH at a low level for the rest of your life to maintain great skin condition.

9. Promotes energy and stamina

Unlike steroids HGH can also be used in sports where endurance and cardiovascular fitness is needed. This is why is why endurance athletes like Lance Armstrong and other cyclists have used HGH in the past. The properties these athletes take from HGH are the increase in strength and lean muscle mass as well as weight loss. HGH also promotes recovery.

Various riders who competed on the USPS and Discovery Channel teams from in the Tour de France during 1998 through 2007 have reported to USADA that , team trainer Jose Pepe Marti team director Johan Bruyneel and team doctors Pedro Celaya and Luis del Moral would buy HGH which would then be provided to team members.

10. Increases height in children

HGH will increase height in children. We say only children because once the growth plates in the long bones close at around age 15-18 HGH will no longer be effective in this respect. Those who suspect that their child is short for their age should first get them checked at the doctors to see if its lack of HGH that is the problem. Its important to catch this is early as time is crucial in these matters. HGH will not increase height in adults so its something to be aware of.

HGH dosage guides and information

It depends on the reason why you want to buy HGH. Its different doses for different results. For anti-aging the doses are quite small so the HGH will last you a long time. With body building you need to use a bit more and these doses are usually split between morning and afternoon to get the utmost benefit. And if its medical treatments such as injuries or burns well it could work out quite expensive and you really should be in hospital anyway in that situation.

Warning: You should never take the high doses associated with treating burns etc for muscle building purposes. This is because taking the higher doses for long periods of time could lead to some serious irreversible side effects such as excess growth in facial bones and hands.

Real HGH must be injected

The tip of a Genotropin Go-Quick pen showing HGH at the needle tip. Real HGH must be injected

HGH should only ever be injected. If you see HGH pills or patches for sale these are fake or “HGH boosters” which are not HGH at all. At the present moment you cannot buy HGH that is in pill or patch form. The technology just isn’t available today. Though this is not to say that it will always be that way.

Below: Typical HGH doses for the different purposes people buy HGH for

How long should I do HGH for?

Well how much money have you got? HGH although it provides better quality gains does take a longer time than steroids to put on mass muscle in the average user. But the good news is that you can take HGH indefinitely as long as you are sensible with the dosing and don’t go overboard.

But for those looking to gain muscle you should see the effects after about one month. Body builders should really take it for at least 2 months to see the results. Anti-agers will feel the results much sooner than this with a noticeable increase in skin quality after the first week.

Taking HGH together with anabolic steroids

While HGH provides quality muscle growth, as well as a whole range of other benefits. It does not have the immediate power and muscle boosting effects that steroids are known for. With steroids the results are felt after only a few days but it takes weeks with HGH.

This is why many body builders stack HGH together with an anabolic steroid. This makes sense financially as well as steroids are cheaper than HGH.

Taking only HGH. This will provide a gradual increase in quality muscle together with all the other benefits we have just listed. If you don’t want an immediate explosion of power and muscle and you are prepared to be more patient then this one is for you.

If you are a traditional steroid user you may well find yourself disappointed with the initial results using only HGH. But in the longer term HGH only will provide better quality muscle growth and an overall increase in general health.

Taking both HGH and steroids. This combination will provide outstanding results and quickly. You should take the same amount of HGH that you would normally take along with the steroid. A lot of users will pair testosterone and HGH together so that could be either Testosterone Enanthate, or propionate.

But in reality any anabolic steroid will work as they are all analogues of testosterone anyway. If you are pairing HGH and steroids you should use any anti oestrogen and PCT you would normally use to treat the side effects of HGH.

I want to purchase HGH but what about the side effects?

Well yes side effects can be a concern but really nothing to the side effects that taking steroids can cause. As with most things if taken sensibly HGH use is fine and you really should never experience the side effects. But they do exist especially at higher doses.

The time you take HGH for does not seem to be a factor. Meaning you could take 2iu per day for the rest of your life and you would never have any problems. But if you started taking 20iu per day for a long period of time then you could run into problems.

Side effects of HGH

  1. ACROMEGALY. At very high doses HGH can cause acromegaly which is the continued growing of bones in the face hands and feet. This condition occurs as a symptom in people with a damaged pituitary gland producing too much human growth hormone. It can cause a lower protruding jaw.
  2. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. This is when the median nerve is compressed in the wrist. It causes a tingling and a numbness in the fingers. Its caused by pressure on the nerve by a buildup of muscle and fluid but will stop after a few weeks even with continued use of the HGH.
  3. HGH GUT. This is a bit of a strange one. The gut in some HGH users seems to protrude. One of the clues though is they are nearly all body builders eating massive amounts of food. This with and expansion of the stomach muscles seem to cause the problem. It only affects a small amount of users but its not a good look.
  4.  WATER RETENTION. HGH users may get some fluid retention around the wrists and ankles. This will subside with continued use. It may be one of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS AND NAUSEA. If you begin to feel unwell while taking HGH you should stop taking it as you may have some immune response to it.
  6. ELEPHANT EPIDERMIS. Or thickening of the skin. Its very rare in HGH users although it must be mentioned.

Where can I buy HGH?

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster regarding HGH availability over the years. Most of us will buy it online and it can be a very good place to get it as long as you get a trusted vendor. In the early 2000’s it was easy and legal to buy HGH online and have it imported to your own country.

Then the big pharmaceutical companies lobbied to get this banned and a lot of the HGH websites were taken down by their registrars. Now it seems as if big pharma has given up on this as it seems as soon as they got one website closed down another popped up in its place.

You can get cheaper powdered HGH which you can mix yourself or buy HGH made by the big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Novo Nordisk. This may not be as expensive as you think as many websites are sourcing these HGH pens from countries where they are priced much more cheaply eg Turkey. The pens still have the original packaging just with a sticky paper over it in Turkish which can be peeled off to reveal details.

HGH from Turkey. It is original Pfizer but just relabelled and repriced for the Turkish market.

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