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You want to buy HGH but its always so expensive. If you want cheap HGH just come to us. We will offer you the cheapest branded human growth hormone on the internet.

So you have decided you want to purchase so human growth hormone. This maybe because your doctor has given you a prescription for it or you just want it either for anti-ageing or building muscle. But just because HGH is cheap it doesn’t mean it is not good quality.

The big western manufacturers and pharmaceutical giants have brainwashed the public into thinking they must pay through the nose to get high quality HGH. The truth though is that there ia cheaper HGH out there that’s perfectly good if only we would shop around for the best priced human growth hormone.

Cheapest HGH online

Bargain HGH for muscle gain

Most of our customers are body builders (you would never have guessed it right?) and so since they are taking higher doses of HGH for a relatively long time, price is very important to them. Since its usually a requirement of body builders using growth hormone that the course runs into months before any great gains are seen.

So you don’t have to be a genius to see that if you are using one of the more expensive HGH pens things could get very expensive.

Powders are more economic

If you have had the chance to look at our HGH you will have seen that there is a big difference in HGH products that you have to mix yourself (the powders) and the HGH pens. You can buy 120iu of HGH powder, which comes in vials, or 36iu of HGH in pen format for approximately the same price.

The pens are more expensive because of the manufacturing that goes into them. Some of them, particularly Genotropin are high quality pices of engineering. Usually HGH pens are more often than not made by the huge pharmaceutical multi-nationals such as Pfizer and Lilly who always charge more.

Is the cheaper HGH not as good quality?

Yes and No, not trying to fudge the question but there are cheap HGH powders out there which are equally as good as anything you can find in the US or Europe and others not so. Good HGH powders at the moment are:

Inexpensive HGH whose quality is good

  • Biotropin (good value as well)
  • Hygetropin
  • Jintropin (Russian labelled is better)
  • Ansomone

Inexpensive HGH products with inconsistent quality

(probably best avoid these ones)

  • Riptropin
  • Kigtropin
  • Generic

We wont go into the price of the cheapest HGH pens as they are all relatively expensive compared to the powders. The only saving grace with the HGH pens is that you are always guaranteed great quality.


Cheap HGH online

As with most things nowadays you can almost certainly find it cheaper online. When you get a prescription for HGH from your Doctor please don’t think you have to go with their recommended supplier as these will almost always be more expensive. The Doctor who gave you the prescription will most probably be on commission.

Just a quick search on the web will give you a plethora of website willing to sell you HGH with or without a prescription. You just need to know which are trustworthy and will sell you quality HGH at an affordable price ahem ahem (you are looking at one now)

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